What to Expect From a Bookkeeping Business Coach

bookkeeping bookkeeping business Sep 20, 2023
bookkeeping business coach

Starting a bookkeeping business is an exciting endeavor! This fast-growing yet stable industry allows you to:

  • Take control of your professional life
  • Make more time for the things that matter
  • Develop a financial and professional legacy for your family

For new bookkeepers just trying to get started or established ones looking for a boost, there's no better help than a bookkeeping business coach. The right bookkeeping business coach will ultimately help bookkeepers grow their businesses faster and become more profitable in a way that allows them to work smarter, not harder. Ultimately, their help will leave you with more time to enjoy life!

Those looking for this kind of help will find no better choice than Bookkeepers IGNITE and Nicole Ossenfort, CPA. Read on as we break down the advantages of working with us.

Why Work with a Bookkeeping Business Coach?

Running a business can come with challenges - but nothing that can't be worked through and improved. A bookkeeping business coach will serve as the sounding board and guide for navigating the challenges and scaling your business quickly and efficiently. 

The best coaches will help streamline your processes and transform your business into a lean, efficient machine that can handle more clients in less time and generate a profit that reaches your goals. 

Meeting regularly with an expert bookkeeping business coach will also aid in critical decision-making and strategic planning - two elements that are essential for growing your business and securing new clients. 

They'll also provide accountability, an underrated but vital aspect of starting your own business. 

All of this support and guidance is meant to increase financial stability, along with more profit and success for you as an owner.

Skills and Expertise of a Bookkeeping Business Coach

So, what makes a bookkeeping business coach worth it? There are a few critical things those sizing up potential coaches should look for before deciding on one over another. 

One of the most important areas to search for is experience - and this isn’t just industry experience - it’s someone who’s actually achieved the results you are looking for. Nicole likes to say “Only take advice from people who have been where you want to go.”  Would you take directions on how to climb Mount Everest from someone who’s never done it? No, you’d stick with an experienced Sherpa - someone who has reached the peak many times before. That's the kind of mentor you need, one who's walked the path you want to take. Not just read about it, talked about it, or did it on a much smaller scale, but one who’s traveled it successfully themselves.

Another point to keep in mind when selecting a bookkeeping business coach is whether they have deep technical knowledge, an understanding of common challenges, and a focus on claiming opportunities. Like Nicole, they should go beyond the tech and have the business experience as well.

Services You'll Get Working with Nicole as Your Bookkeeping Business Coach

First, a little about Nicole Ossenfort. She's a certified public accountant (CPA) and the former CEO of one of the world's largest bookkeeping companies. Through her work there and as an entrepreneur, she's helped thousands of business people start and scale their companies - particularly women in the tax and bookkeeping world.

Nicole brings a lot to the table, offering so much value to Bookkeepers IGNITE clients. She helps bookkeeping business owners, through:


  • Professional coaching and ongoing training and support directly from Nicole in twice-monthly Q&A coaching calls and more.
  • Timely help with questions big and small from an experienced expert who's built multiple thriving businesses. There's no need to wonder whether these techniques work - just look at Nicole's proven track record.


  • Invitations to live master classes twice per month, covering a variety of topics and issues in the bookkeeping world.
  • On-demand access to recorded sessions for future reference.


  • Access to the private Bookkeepers IGNITE Facebook group to network and bond with others on the same bookkeeping journey.
  • Regular participation and Q&A sessions directly from Nicole and community members.
  • Early or exclusive access to VIP offerings and future services.


Nicole is also known for her ability to transform clients' mindsets from ones based on fear and doubt to ones that are confident and prepared to grab those crucial first few clients. 

She also teaches bookkeepers how to be more confident about their work and bring more value to their clients by teaching them to be tax savvy (not to be confused with teaching taxes). Nicole teaches the top “tax hacks” every bookkeeper should know to bring more value to their clients and be able to talk confidently with their client's CPA or tax professional at tax time. 

Remember, “you’re in your business for yourself, but not by yourself.” 

Searching for a Bookkeeping Business Coach?

There's no denying the value of a bookkeeping business coach. One that’s stood where you are standing and can offer the guidance to scale quickly and efficiently is indispensable on your journey to building a bookkeeping business that gives you a life you can enjoy.

For those who've recognized the value of a bookkeeping business coach, it's just as easy to see that Nicole Ossenfort and Bookkeepers IGNITE is by far the best choice. 

With a proven track record and extensive experience helping bookkeepers get their companies off the ground, it's a decision you’ll be happy you made. Visit our website to learn more and see how we can transform and scale your business and provide the freedom and financial flexibility you deserve.

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